Business Council of British Columbia

Business Council of BC: Outlook 2020 Summit Series

As a association made up of 250 leading companies, post-secondary institutions and organizations that collectively support hundreds of thousands of jobs across the province, the Business Council of British Columbia (BCBC) plays a key role in the economic life in BC, providing insightful non-partisan public-policy research and advice on issues to enhance BC’s competiveness and prosperity.

For more than a decade, Pace Group has provided BCBC with a wide range of event management services related to large-scale conferences such as:

•BC Business Summit: Building BC for the 21st Century: Innovation in Infrastructure Summit (2014)
•BC Business Summit: Building Prosperity through a Competitive Economy (2013)
•Shared Prosperity Conference (2013)
•Powering Canadian Prosperity: BC’s Energy Opportunities (2012)
•Outlook 2020: Shaping BC’s Economic Future Summit Series
•(Chapters 1-3, 2009; Chapter 4, 2010)
•Investing Today for Tomorrow: Corporate Responsibility in British Columbia Summit with President Bill Clinton (2008)
•Annual Economic Forums (Multiple years)

Pace Group services have typically included planning and coordination services, agenda development, speaker selection and briefings, collateral development and production (including the conference program and signage), onsite logistical and registration support and media relations services.

In addition to providing writing and media relations services related to the above conferences, we have also provided writing and media relations services to support BCBC’s wide ranging research, policy papers and news releases on subjects such as BC infrastructure, taxation, the provincial budget, transportation and numerous other issues.