About Pace Group

Pace Group Communications Inc. is one of British Columbia’s most successful and respected full-service communications firms.

Our clients include high-profile private sector, public sector, not-for-profit and Indigenous organizations across Canada, who rely on us every day to provide a wide range of communications services, such as media and public relations, community and stakeholder engagement, communications plans and strategy, issues management and crisis communications, media training and more.

Pace Group is also one of B.C.’s most trusted providers of event management services. Every year, we plan and produce some of the largest and highest-profile conferences, events and trade shows in the province. We also organize and produce a wide range of special events such as receptions, press conferences, public open houses, community events, groundbreaking events, and project and product launches.

For more than 30 years, our experienced and talented team of communication and event specialists has been 100 per cent dedicated to delivering results for our clients, on budget and on time, every time. Thanks to our approach, our creativity, our connections and our results, we’ve earned a reputation as one of British Columbia’s most respected communications and special event firms. How can we help you?

Our Team

All Pace Group personnel have an excellent ability to work with private and public stakeholders and have a clear understanding of the sensitivities of government projects as they relate to protocol, confidentiality, media and other issues.

Norman Stowe

Managing Partner

Jordan Humphries

General Manager

Kristina Stowe

Senior Manager, Communications & Events

Greg Descantes

Director, Media Relations & Communications

Erwin Flores

Director, Finance & Administration

Kyle Balagno

Creative Director

Trevor Pancoust

Director, Media Relations & Communications

Céline Yeh

Manager, Conferences & Events

Sacha Chin

Specialist, Conferences & Events

Priscilla Chui

Coordinator, Conferences & Events

Natalie Ditosto

Coordinator, Conferences & Events

May Godding

Coordinator, Conferences & Events

Pace Group is an equal opportunities firm that is fully committed to equity, diversity, and inclusivity in our workplace and our culture. We are also dedicated to ensuring our workplace and the events we organize offer safe, welcoming, and culturally sensitive, meeting spaces for all employees, clients, delegates and volunteers.

At Pace Group, cultural humility is at the core of our approach to all client communications and projects, and we always strive to educate ourselves and better understand the perspectives of our clients and event participants. To that end, all members of our staff have completed Indigenous cultural safety training to make us aware of Indigenous perspectives, Indigenous history and protocol, and the systemic biases Indigenous people face in everyday life.

Over the past two decades we have worked extensively with elected and hereditary Indigenous leaders and organizations around British Columbia. We have also served as the project lead for hundreds of large-scale conferences and community events that involved Indigenous participants. Our work with B.C. First Nations has taken us to every corner of the province, as well as overseas to Europe. Projects have included large-scale conferences, B.C. Cabinet-First Nations leaders’ gatherings, province-wide health initiatives, communications consultation, media events and media training.

As a firm, we are committed to continually learning about best practices and incorporating them into our work. Our goal is to ensure every interaction we have and every event we plan provides safe, culturally sensitive spaces that are free of racism and discrimination, where all people feel safe and comfortable sharing their experiences and ideas.

Additional information about our experience working with Indigenous organizations, Nations, Bands and Tribal Councils is available upon request.

Our Partners

After more than thirty years in the communications and events business, Pace Group has worked with countless leading suppliers of communications and event-related services in BC. Our trusted team of suppliers and subcontractors represents the most reliable and qualified people in their fields.

Vancouver-based Myron Advertising + Design has functioned as our “in-house” creative design firm since the beginning. Myron provides Pace Group clients a wide range of communications support services such as advertising layout and buying, graphic design and production, web design and development, print coordination, social media planning and more.