Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project

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Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project

From 2003 to 2009, Pace Group provided PavCo with a broad range of communications and event management services for the Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project (VCCEP).

Due to the size and complexity of the five-year construction project, and its location next to a downtown residential neighbourhood, many issues  arose related to the  around-the-clock construction and a driving program. Among Pace Group’s responsibilities and initiatives over the life of the projects were:

  • Planning and organizing VCCEP annual general meetings
  • Neighbourhood meetings to provide updates on the pile driving progress and let neighbours to air concerns and request information.
  • Liaising between local residents and VCCEP on inquiries regarding noise, construction schedules and other issues impacting the neighbourhood.
  • Creating and coordinated media events marking milestones in construction such as an 888th pile driving event for Chinese media.
  • Producing and updating construction hotline messages advising neighbours and motorists of road closures and other construction news.
  • Writing, editing and producing VCCEP’s Neighbourhood Notes newsletters, which were distributed by Canada Post mail drop to every address in the blocks surrounding the construction site.
  • Managing media requests for special coverage of construction.
  • Providing ongoing public and media relations consultation to VCCEP senior executives and stakeholders.
  • Distributing information cards, refreshments and “earplugs” to local residents when the pile driving began as a way to remind them VCCEP has heard and understood their concerns.

When the project was complete, Pace Group executed the official opening of the building, which saw150 guests from the tourism sector, construction tradespeople and potential clients cut a giant ribbon, witnessed by 1,500 guests and stakeholders.

Pace Group then organized a two-day open house that attracted 63,000 people and created and staffed a summer-long information program, where students provided tours of the landmark building to thousands of British Columbians and tourists.

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