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Event: (Online agricultural land sales platform)
Western Canada
Media relations supporting high-profile auctions specializes in the online auctions of agricultural land parcels through its proprietary web platform that offers numerous advantages to the traditional MLS sales process. To build on its targeted online ad campaigns, has called on us to explore and execute media relations opportunities related to its significant auction offerings, all with the goal of making a wider audience aware of the company’s services and specific auctions.

In 2023, we worked with for the upcoming auction of a 73,670-acre working ranch near Kelowna with a 5,100 sq.ft. ranch home, 2,500-square foot ranch manager’s home, grazing land, indoor riding arena, numerous water wells and a state-of-the-art irrigation system. Leveraging the popularity of the Yellowstone TV series, we researched, wrote and pitched a compelling news release focused on the “Yellowstone effect” and the trend of affluent buyers seeking their own secluded, rustic paradise.

Our coordination of newswire distribution and strategic pitches to a targeted list of real estate and lifestyle media resulted in extensive local and national media coverage prior to the auction resulting in a sales price of $15 million that was nearly three times the $5.9 million reserve bid price.

We are currently working with on the upcoming auction of “First Class”, a premium assemblage of 2,290 acres of contiguous prime farmland 30 km from Regina, and “The Big Spread”, a massive 10,137-acre assemblage near Estevan, which will be the largest block of land ever sold by online escalating tender in Saskatchewan.

The extensive positive media coverage we’ve earned for has raised awareness of the company, its services and specific auctions, while also increasing the audience of prospective buyers and eventual land parcel sales prices.

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